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FMLA/Disability Paperwork:
We are partnering with Sharecare Health Data Services to better care for you.
FMLA/Disability Paperwork is complex and takes time away from our ability to care for you when you're in the office or during phone consultations. 
Effective December 4, 2017, all FMLA/Disablity forms will be processed by Sharecare HDS. There is a $30 fee to complete all of the necessary paperwork. 

Please complete, sign and date the FMLA/Disability Authorization form available on this page. You may submit it together with the FMLA/Disablity paperwork here.
Sharecare will contact you either by email or phone within 48 hours to accept your $30 payment. 
Once payment is received, you paperwork will be completed in 5-7 business days and sent to the recipient you designated on your FMLA/Disablity Authorization Form Request. 

Note: We recommend using Firefox Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Google Chrome Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux) browsers.  Or, you may fax your document to 804-282-2601.



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